Attitude is a Learned Behavior

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Attitude is a Learned Behavior

Attitude is a learned behavior that can be changed based on the individuals choice and wiliness to change. The Webster’s New World Dictionary defines attitude in three different ways; first is a bodily posture showing mood or action, second is a manner showing one’s feeling or thoughts and third is one’s disposition. In General Attitudes are the feelings and thoughts you have about yourself and how you interact with other people. Attitude plays apart of everything in society’s life, from taking your first steps, going to high school, choosing a college, getting a job and choosing a mate. If attitude makes us who we are, gives us our character, then the question I purpose to you is, can you really get an “attitude adjustment” or is our attitude defined at birth?

For centuries, people have been intrigued with the question of what is human about human nature. How much of people’s characteristics and attitudes comes from “nature” (heredity, unable to change) or how much is from “nurture” (the social environment, contact with others) and the ability to change. It is for certain that physical and mental abilities are established by heredity, such as ability at sports and mathematics. As well as the color of your eyes, the size of your nose and your mother’s freckles. While such basic orientations to life, like your attitude, are the result of the environment one lives in and thus fore can be changed.

So, what about the nurture side of the equation, or the environment that gives us our attitude? Culture is a system of ideas about the nature of the world and how people should behave in it that it shares—and shared uniquely—by members of a community, that continually judges ones actions, hen...

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... that attitude can be changed or at least influenced by our environment.

Our attitude is a learned behavior that can be changed by the individual’s choice to make that change. I agree that a person’s attitude begins with their own personal feelings, values, and beliefs, but the knowledge of the values and norms of our culture also can define who we can be or should be. After all, if a person couldn’t change their attitude, then how could they grow and learn or just simply adapt to ones environment. For some parts of life, the blueprint is drawn by heredity; but for other parts, the individual is a blank slate, and it is entirely up to the individual to change what is written on that slate. You alone can make your density great by doing on simple thing “getting an attitude adjustment”. Attitude is your life, yours affects everybody and everybody’s affects you.
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