Atticus Finch A Hero Essay

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When people think about heros it is a person in a cape flying into burning buildings to save people or fighting a villain to save the world. According to Oxford Dictionary a hero is a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. This shows how just normal people can be qualified as heros. A book that exemplifies this is To Kill A Mockingbird because it is filled with people that went out of their way to help others or the society as a whole. A person who did this in particular was Atticus Finch. Atticus Finch was a hero because he fell under the definition and was admired for his courage, achievements, and noble qualities.
The first reason why Atticus was a hero was how throughout the book he was trying
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This was heroic because he knew believing him would make hard times fall on him and his family. The main thing was a threat from Bob Ewell who had a vendetta against Atticus after the trial because of what Atticus said during it. A threat that almost caused the lives of Atticus’ children one night they were coming home. Another hardship that fell was the whole community outcased the Finches and treated the differently because of it. A hardship that could be argued to be greater than the ones before was the one on Atticus mentally. Atticus was going through mental hardship because he knew whatever he did the future was already set and it was not in his favor. Doing this showed great courage, an additional part to the definition to hero.
Overall Atticus was a hero in a sense of the word. It is proved he acted in such a manner that it could be said his character was built of that definition. Currently more people like him are needed in our world. If more people saw things from the point of view of Atticus the violence occurring because of race would end and people would just see people based on who they were and not what skin
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