Attempting to Define Drama in Relation to Theatre

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Attempting to Define Drama in Relation to Theatre

The question asked is 'what is drama?' Can we truly define it? Is there a

'textbook' definition of something that can be so personal? What is drama in

relation to theatre? Why is drama so important? What are its uses, its aims?

Some have said that drama develops self-esteem and encourages creativity

and imagination. This is true, and will be demonstrated through examples

from personal experiences. Usually the first thing that occurs in a drama class

is that someone will ask for a definition of the word drama. Most of the class

will look away, as if in deep thought praying that they are not called on,

because they do not know the answer. At first glance, it seems a simple

question, but as one begins to delve into the true nature of drama, the answer

is not so cut and dry. For some, drama is a type of television show, such as a

hospital or lawyer show. For others, it is that section of the movie rental place

where all 'chick flicks' are. For still others, drama means Sophocles,

Euripides, and Aeschylus. For teachers, drama means all and none of these

things. A clear definition is needed in order to lead the students in various

activities, and towards various goals. What good is it to have the students

explore within themselves if the teacher does not know what the aim or

direction of the exploration is? Many teachers claim that ...

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... view of society has changed; each one of us has a

place in it, and it is up to the individual to define that place, however it is the

duty of the group to adapt to each individual. This is the only way to lead a

successful and happy life outside of the classroom, in the real world.

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