Attack On Pearl Harbor Essay

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What do you think of Sunday morning? Do you think about sleeping in or breakfast in bed? Well, for the Pacific Fleet in 1941, December 7th wasn’t anything like that. Not at all…World War II was in play and so far, the US has remained to stay out. But, there is a really strong alliance called the Axis of Powers consisting of the countries: Japan, Italy, and Germany. This is the alliance that has to be defeated to win the War ("Facts You Should Know About the Attack on Pearl Harbor"). There was a very important event that triggered the US to stay out of the war no longer, and it became known as the Attack on Pearl Harbor. The Attack on Pearl Harbor had a huge effect on the outcome of World War II. There was a lot of tension between the US and Japan even before the attack. Japan needed to expand its own nation to China, but they need an important ingredient from the US to do so. But, oil was required. And the US is the only country in the world to have inventory. Unfortunately for Japan, the US is in cahoots with China on this so they put an embargo on Japan, sort of like a boycott....

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