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The Attack on Pearl Harbor Since the beginning days of the United Sates has sought out to not “entangle alliances” with other countries (Wels,44). The U.S. rejected alliances with the League of Nations and the Treaty of Versailles(Wels,44). The U.S. was very clear they wanted nothing to do with national affairs. On the other side of world was Japan, a struggling country just like the United States. Japan was hit by depression, the lack of vital food supplies and raw materials(Wels,44). Year after year Japan denied the opportunity of “territorial expansion” by taking control of neighboring countries. Due to the global setting at the time, the attack on Pearl Harbor had a significant impact on American history. Yamamoto began to plan the ariel attack on Pearl Harbor, known as the “Hawaii Operation”(Wels,66). The attack would be launched from a fleet of aircraft carriers. Japan’s naval fleet that would carry out the attack on Pearl Harbor consisted of destroyers, heavy cruisers, light cruisers and many other vessels(Wels,66). Japan was going for more of short-term, surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto did not think Japan would be able to win a long-term war with the U.S., due to the lack of surplus(Wels,51). This however did not stop Yamamoto, he calculated that Japan would have chance if the U.S. Pacific Fleet was eliminated. This is exactly what he did. As the sun began to rise over Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 183 Japanese planes flew south to make history in the Pacific. Following these planes were 43 Japanese Zeros, 51 dive bombers, and 49 high-flying bombers that each carried 1,786 pound bombs, and 40 torpedo planes that were specifically made for the attack on Pearl Harbor(Wels,112). Back in... ... middle of paper ... ...m with a terrible resolve”(Davenport,91). Despite Yamamoto’s and Naguno’s instant fame and success, it was quick indeed. Yamamoto was killed in 1943, when his plane was shot down by American fighters. As for Naguno, he decided his own fate by committing suicide in 194, failing to bring final victory to Japan(Davenport,97). Soon the Americans devised a plan, a counterattack, trying to strike the heart of Japan in Tokyo. The U.S. called this operation the “Doolittle” raid(FSBR). The attack was planned to take out multiple fuel ovens and assembly plants. Unfortunately the raid did not go as planned and only scored one hit at a plant(FSBR). Despite the “Doolittle” raid’s failure to succeed it nevertheless improved American and Chinese moral significantly(FSBR). Back at Pearl Harbor, sailors and clean up teams began to clean up the massive carnage of the recent attack.

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