Attachment Theory Essay

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Introduction Attachment is something every child has in their life from the time they are a fetus to the time when they decide to leave the world they were born into. All children experience a different type of attachment as they are growing up and as a result this affects their adult life as well as how they decide to raise their children if they have children (Shilkret, 2008). This paper will include the history of attachment, secure and insecure attachment relationships. The subcategories of insecure attachment relationships, which are insecure avoidant, insecure ambivalent, and disorganized attachment; as well as how attachment experienced as a child affects attachment as an adult and the different types of insecure attachments in adults. Throughout the paper I will be making connections between insecure attachment and Meredith Grey both as a child and as an adult. This paper will conclude the critiques of attachment theory. History Attachment theory first came to life in the mid 20th century by John Bowlby who is a British psychoanalyst and Mary Ainsworth who is an American psychologist. Attachment theory focuses on human experiences during the developmental stages of a person’s life.…show more content…
Depending on those life experiences will depend on how attachment behaviour will look. When it comes to attachment theory even though every culture has attachment different cultures have different ways of raising their children. Therefore, the patterns of attachment theory will vary depending on the culture the study is done in. Attachment theory looks at blaming the primary caregiver which in most cases is the mother for insecure attachment (Yazdani, 2017), rather then others who are around the child. Attachment theory “is one of the complex influences on children’s development and the emotional, behavioural and social difficulties” (Payne, 2016,
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