Attachment: Love And Love Between Parents And Children

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Attachment could be define as a feeling of strong affinity between 2 people and mutual need for affection. Attachment happen between parents and the baby before the baby is born. In a normal relationship, parents wait for their baby whilst the mother is expecting, sometimes talk to the baby in the womb, the fetus can perceive the love, hear voices, get attached to his mum and dad before meeting them like parents get attached to the baby they might talk to, cuddle whilst cuddling the tummy, enjoy seeing baby kick towards the end of the pregnancy. A mother will feel her baby move, sometimes sit in uncomfortable positions, the mother and child are already bonding. The mother can interpret certain activities the baby might have in her belly by…show more content…
The love and care a mother gives to her child in his first moments of life is reassuring, comforting, soothing, providing the relationship and attachment between the mother and the child is reliable, affectionate, fusional. It is sadly not always the case. In some cases, the mother was not ready to have a child and rejects her child since before the child was even born. Once the child is born, some mothers learn to love their babies naturally. Some don't. Some don't feel they can bond with their child. These are more likely to suffer post natal depression and keep an adverse feeling towards their child. Sometimes it happens because the relationship with the child's father was not working, perhaps abusive, not socially acceptable, the consequence of a rape... The poor child being born from a mother who was not ready psychologically to accept her child have detrimental painful imprint and consequences on a child's emotional and social development for the rest of his/her life. If a child feels rejected from his/her main care giver, he/she can feel problems attaching to other people, building self-confidence, achieving, make friends, socialise, the child might become antisocial or self-destructive as a result of mother deprivation or attachment issue to the mother…show more content…
The child can be taken to a special unit where he/she might not be able to bond with mother, in the same way, a child who is always with his/her mum would. Both the mother and child could suffer from this situation. The mother might keep the negative imprint of the traumatic moment her child was taken away, remember this pain all her life whilst reflecting on issues her child will face. This painful imprinted memory might be one she will later reflect on her child. Being born prematurely has consequences on children's physical and emotional development throughout the life of a child. Every time a mother will see a potential link between the child being premature and issues child is now facing, the mother will remember all these pains and reflect them on the child who might become twice more affected. An unhealthy attachment to the mother or primary care giver from birth can lead to severe consequences on a child's mental health and healthy development. A child rejected by his mother will always crave and seek the love attention he/she did not get. But because the child knows nothing but rejection, he/she rejects those he/she would want to get attached
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