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Role of Attachment on Personality Development Next, we will discuss the role of attachment on personality development. One of the expectations in parenting children is that they are emotionally healthy. Bowlby has identified that good-enough mothering is the avenue to meeting that expectation. Not only does the parent want to accomplish this for their child while their young but they want their child to be emotionally healthy as adolescents and adulthood. Through the interaction of the parent the child learns how others are supposed to treat him and how he is to treat others. Humans have an innate desire to have an emotional connection to others. This desire humans have to connect has been observed while the child is still in his…show more content…
These persons are sought for protection, comfort and support. In adolescents and adulthood these bonds continue but are directed less toward parents and more towards others. Bowlby states that in the beginning the bond between the mother and child is maintained through “emotionally mediated communication” (Bowlby, 1988). This type of communication and intimate relationship continues throughout life. A person’s ability to want to seek out others and act in either the care-seeking role or the care-giving role is an example of effective personality functioning and mental health. The child learned these behaviors from the parenting they received in childhood which afforded them to be able to offer these attributes to others. The capacity for one to either be a caregiver or to be care-seeking is a direct reflection of attachment behavior experienced during childhood. How close one is willing to get to another person…show more content…
There are three types of attachment: secure attachment; anxious resistant attachment and anxious avoidant attachment.
Bowlby describes these attachment styles as:
“These are first the pattern of secure attachment in which the individual is confident that his parent (or parent figure) will be available, responsive, and helpful should he encounter adverse or frightening situations. With this assurance, he feels bold in his explorations of the world. This pattern is promoted by a parent, in the early years especially by mother being readily available, sensitive to her child’s signals, and lovingly responsive when he seeks protection and/or comfort.
A second pattern is that of anxious resistant attachment in which the individual is uncertain whether his parent will be available or responsive or helpful when called upon. Because of this uncertainty he is always prone to separation anxiety, tends to be clinging, and is anxious about exploring the world. This pattern, in which conflict is evident, is promoted by a parent being available and helpful on some occasions but not on others, and by separations and as clinical findings show, by threats of abandonment used as a means of

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