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Why is the Atomic Bomb one of the most important inventions created in the United States? According to research, the atomic bomb is considered an essential invention to have in a country due to its destructive power created by the fission of either plutonium or uranium. Countries across the world would use the atomic device against other countries in order to make advancements. The first atomic weapons that were built for warfare was known as the Little Boy and Fat Man. United States is the first country in history today to ever use the atomic bomb against another country, specifically in Japan on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Although the atomic bomb was well known for its destructive power, it also made significant social, economic, and ecological impact to the world. Additionally, even though the atomic bomb ended wars, it still, however, struck fear in peoples' hearts due to its radiation and destructive effects. United States invested billions of dollars on the development of the atomic bomb, which would be later known as the Manhattan Project. One of the long term effects of the atomic bomb was that it caused the nuclear arms race during the Cold War. This case study will first discuss why scientists developed the atomic bomb. Secondly, this paper will discuss the engineering of the atomic bomb and the problems that builders had while building it. Finally, this paper will compose of the financial, social, and economic effect of the atomic bomb.
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...he World War II was called the Little Boy and the Fat Man. Little Boy is composed of 140 pounds of uranium 235 and released a massive energy equivalent of 12.5 kilotons of TNT. The temperature of the bomb, at the moment of the explosion was over a million degrees centigrade. After the explosion, the first fireball that was first formed, had a temperature of over 300,000 degrees of centigrade. The atomic cloud reached an altitude of 17,000 meters. Because of this destructive power, the Little Boy, destroyed anything in a mile.
Like the Little Boy, the Fat Man shared a similar destructive power. The only difference is that the Fat Man is equipped with plutonium and had a faster fissioning rate than the little boy atomic bomb. Because of the plutonium and the faster fissioning rate, the atomic bomb was proven to be more effective than the “Little Boy” atomic bomb.
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