Atlantic Charter Significance

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The Atlantic Charter was an agreement declaration between Great Britain and the United States of America founded the vision of the Prime Minister of United Kingdom at that time, Winston Churchill and the President of United States Franklin Roosevelt.(NATO 1941)
The meeting of the two heads of state was a bit dramatic and highly confidential took place –on board a warship off Argentina, Newfoundland. As a response to the geopolitical situation in Europe. Both leaders met at time of an extraordinary danger .Due to the fact that, a part of Britain and the rest of Estefan Europe had, to face with the Nazi onslaught. Roosevelt who had been a member of the Wilson administration, truly believed more for this charter in a new democratic world. Important characteristic of the Atlantic charter that was signed on August 14 1941, the United States of America was not part of the war and for this reason. The agreement constituted a significant more for the United States. And he was also the protector of the peace for a better future for the world.

Barely 300 words long this charter shape the course of the twentieth century. The main purpose of the summit was clearly understood for political reasons. FDR believed that these two countries should be worked together for a creation goal based on two principles liberal, international to stop fascism. The document would provide the foundation for an open postwar world based on those principles- including sovereign, equality, democracy, and equal commercial access. (NATO 1941)
The Atlantic charter was not a formal agreement. It was not even signed. Rather, it was a statement of principles for a just, peaceful, and prosperous world.

The charter included eight ‘’ essential common principles ‘’ th...

... middle of paper ... steps towards the formation of the United Nations.
However Axis Power (German, Japanese, Italian) understood the agreement, as a diplomatic coalition against their potential (Stanley G Payne 1945). In Tokyo the Japanese government he wasn’t received so well he wanted more aggressive approached against U.S and UK.
Public opinion in the UK and Commonwealth was satisfied overall with the principles of the meetings. On other hand the American public is satisfied with the principle but also a bit concerned in relation to the war.

Overall all the key elements of the agreement had good aims, they needed a world without war, with more peaceful and prosperous, and among developed economies. Still charter dose not have a final version but finally the charter ultimately did serve as an inspiration for a colonial subjects through the Third World, from Algeria to Vietnam.
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