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A common problem in the world of college sports is the idea, as an athlete one should get paid for the sports played. This may be the greediness of humans in general, but in ways it also has an egotistic theme to it. It is felt athletes should be paid because they bring publicity and money to the school, or that they use their ability for the school and they could get hurt and not have any way to pursue what they love and seek to make a living in; sports.
In organizations like the NCAA rules are set forth limiting athletes of benefits. Such as being paid. They feel it is not necessary for a player to receive money while playing for the school they attend. Though this idea is commonly fought against, it still stands as final rule. Players already receive numerous amounts of benefits from their college in forms other than money. These being the reason players do not need to be paid like a job.
Yes, a player will bring publicity to their school, but this should not be counteracted with a paycheck. They are given the opportunity to come showcase their sport nation wide at a universi...
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