Athletic Scholarships: An Amateur Wage

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“The fair market value for the average FBS football player is $137,357 per year, and the fair market value for the average men's basketball player is $289,031 per year. Right now the average player earns just $23,204 in scholarship money” (Manfred). Collegiate athletes who are on scholarship should have the opportunity to profit from their athletic abilities and receive a fair market value from the talents. Not only have these athletes become major revenue generators for colleges and universities, the National Collegiate Athletic Association is a corrupt organization, furthermore these athletes need to be viewed as employees not students despite the argument that an education should be payment enough.
Top tier Division 1 college athletics have become a big business and are a financial windfall for colleges and universities, the coaches and even the officials governing the National Collegiate Athletic Association; that is all parties involved, except the athletes who play in these games. The National Collegiate Athletic Association better known as the NCAA, reports on its own website that a majority of its revenue come from a 14-year $10.8 billion agreement with Turner Broadcasting and CBS Sports for rights to the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship (“Finance”). Additional financial facts documented on their site state that last year the NCAA collected a total of $800 million in revenue last year, of which $500 million went to Division 1 colleges and universities (“Finance”). Not only are successful colleges and universities profiting from the television rights contract, these entities profit from the ticket sales generated by the product these athletes produce. In the year, 2006 The University of Michigan’s average footb...

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