Athletes Should NOT Be Accepted Over Other Students

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The major issue that athletes are being accepted into colleges over highly standard students is becoming more common as the years go by. It seems to be simply unfair to the student. Choosing athletes over academics is also setting the college to be less selective. Being a competitive athlete gives them a higher chance to be admitted into a college before a “ordinary student”. Other underrepresented groups would include minority students and alumni relations. Athletes are recruited to become part of that specific institution therefore; it gives them a significant statistical advantage during the admission process. This includes both male and female. On an average, athletes most likely have lower credentials such as SAT scores, credits, and GPA’s (Shulman & Bowen, 2001).

Athletes are often offered scholarships to increase their decision to enroll in the institution. The positive part about that is that the athlete will have a high academic background. However, those scholarships could also be given to students with much higher credentials. Basically scholarly students have to work much harder to get into a lower selective school. This does not always happen yet it is increasing as the years go by.

Disadvantages of Athletes

Even though student-athletes have a huge advantage of being admitted into a selective college over others, they also have their disadvantages. An athletes average day can range from 10 to 13 hours a day (Rosner, 2002). The days also might be longer with the NCAA considering the new proposal trying to improve graduation rates. The main obligations of an typical athlete during the day would be attending class, going to practice, lifting weights, going to study hall, and if they have game going to that. Fulfilling all these obligations causes much fatigue. Athletes are constantly traveling and are under pressure because of competition from coaches and alumni. They have the lack of time to study and this obviously results in low grades, failure, or non-completion (Miller & Kerr, 2002). It is said to be that athletes do far worse academically then students who are involved within the university doing extracurricular activities.

Being part of an athletic team demands a lot, including time. Athletes are constantly with their teammates that they are commonly secluded from the rest of the college population. Their social life lacks many others and they do not get to live up their own college “experience”.