At The Diner

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At The Diner A small young woman stood under a lamp in the streets of New York struggling to get away from her three captors whose intentions were unknown. They just laughed at her weak attempts. She already knew she wasn’t strong enough to take on the three of them, but it was worth a try. She would have yelled for help, but they had a knife to her throat, and she didn’t want to risk it. All she could do now was hope that luck was on her side today. --------------------------------------Let’s-go-back-a-bit ------------------------------------------ Eloise Eldridge had just finished her nightly shift at the Diner she worked at, Marti’s. When she was there she would always meet the most interesting people. Well, not meet, but she’d watch them from afar. Most people found her staring uncomfortable, and they’d make rumors calling her things like a stalker and a sociopath. Even though it hurt Eloise couldn’t complain she’d do whatever it took to pay the bills. Eloise grabbed her coat and walked out the door. As she was walking home she saw something out of the corner of her eye. Elois...
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