'At The Canadian Ball: Letter From The Birmingham Jail'

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Ungrateful things for granted People take little things for granted in their lives like sleeping on a bed or having a roof over their heads. Someone that has a person that loves them endlessly even though a person can mess-up. “At the Canadian Ball” gives a good example of how three people can take each other for granted due to love. “In The Monkey House” J. Edgar Nation makes a pill for monkeys. “Letter from the Birmingham Jail” how King had died for equal rights between blacks and whites. It is tremendously simple to take things for granted in our lives, especially if it is little things. It is easy to wake up in the morning and not have a care in the world about what is going to happen. Owning a home is a privilege for some people. People…show more content…
She is described throughout the story as a beautiful woman. She goes to the ball, even though her dress is a little worn out. She feels out of place because there are people from a higher class. Some girls would love to be as beautiful as she is. She has a bed to sleep on and two men who love her. She should be happy that she didn 't have into an arranged marriage like Alcée and Clarisse. Alcée is from a wealthy family plantation. He is from a higher upbringing than Calixta. Alcée takes eing from a wealthy family for granted. He doesn’t have to worry about being in debt like lower class…show more content…
King would press but would never do it in a violent way. Blacks today take Martian Luther for granted. Today blacks are known for gang violence, drug abuse and prostitution of women. Police often killing young black men. King would be disappointed with what is going on today. Today we are more divided as people rather then one. Weather or not you are black or white; rich or poor. King’s death was for nothing if we as a people can’t make a change. We are going backwards instead of forward. In “The Monkey House” J. Edgar Nation invented a pill to control monkey’s sexual behavior so that it would “make monkeys in the springtime fit things for a Christian family to see” (Vonnegut 36). Instead of monkeys taking the pill humans started to take it. It would make you numb from the waste down. He took this little thing and blow it out of proportion. Just because he saw that monkey. Making the pill was defeating the purpose of why God made sex. He wants us to produce a offspring. Nation all ready had eleven kids. There are some females that have problems with their ovaries and cannot have

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