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We can learn a lot about people by viewing a simple picture, or quotation. A modest rodeo action shot of me competing allows the viewer to pick out many facts. The passion that I have about the sport of rodeo also created a responsibility that I have learnt and the determination to succeed. The lifestyle that you live when you rodeo is much more than just competition, but also the people and animals around you and how you treasure the time spent with them. These may not be directly related to all of my interests but the simplicity of a rodeo competitor implies much more about me. The qualities that are me came from the rodeo lifestyle that I live.
Responsibility shows through in this photo, in the most subtle of ways. I learnt responsibility through rodeo. Preparations before each weekend required excessive amounts of planning. This taught me to be organized and responsible for all of my items. Homework for days that I was missing was to be collected from teachers before I departed. All of my own as well as my horses gear had to be packed in the trailer the night before. I was accountable for completing my homework before the next school days. Responsibility also came with keeping my grades up throughout the rodeo season. Rodeo is never to be an excuse to have lower than average grade in each class. This could mean doing homework while we are travelling or in the horse trailer at nights while everyone else was out visiting. Throughout the season when you have to travel many miles with a trailer full of horses it means that you’re not only looking after yourself but your horse as well. I was the caregiver/trainer for every horse that required feeding, watering and exercising. If I was not responsible, I would no longer be able to c...

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...s and celebrate with you when you achieve your goals. They also assist our horses as a part of our family, with nutrition and healing therapy suggestions. This professional photo was taken by a friend, a person from my rodeo family and she took it because she wanted to help me with my rodeo career and journey by providing lasting memories. These people have taught me to be a kind courageous woman that will follow her dreams.
This image can show the viewer that rodeo has given me many useful qualities that can be carried into my future endeavours, interests and sports. Without rodeo I would not have learnt how useful and valuable each of these abilities was to me. Not only will I carry these with me but also the support system that I have met over the years. I will cherish the opportunity that has allowed me to experience a passion that will always be a part of me.

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