Asylum : Australia 's Immigration Policy And The Problems Associated With The Current Policy

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ASYLUM SEEKRS IN AUSTRALIA Australia has come a long way since the first Department of immigration was established in 1945. After World War II ended in 1945 Refugees from Europe camps migrated to Australia, as a consequence a new policy on refugees was introduced. Arthur Calwell was the first was the first minister for immigration in Australia. Throughout Australia’s history the immigration policies has been influenced by different outcomes and political events. Australia, unlike other countries has an off shore policy, this is the current policy being implemented. The policy also raises a few problems for the refugees in the detention centres, despite this Australia has an obligation for international humanitarian records to make sure refugees are given the right treatment and processed correctly. This essay will discuss Australia’s asylum seeker policies leading up to the current policy and the problems associated with the current policy. “Australia effectively has two classes of asylum seekers whereby those who arrive by air with valid documents are treated differently to those who arrive by boat without documentation” (, 2015) the asylum seekers that will be focused on in this essay will be the ones who arrive by boat with no documentation. The first wave of asylum seekers or boat people arrived in Australia in 1976 as refugees from the Vietnam War. Almost half of the Vietnam population was displaced and resettlement was excessive to neighbouring countries including Australia. The first wave being casualties of war was granted refugee status right away because they received sympathy from the public. However the increasing number of arrivals could not be catered for, as the detention centres were only for short-te... ... middle of paper ... ...d inhuman behaviour is apparent. The continuous problem however is the public perception of detention centres, some argue that it is necessary in order to uphold Australia’s immigration laws and others argue it is contradictory to the idea of providing refuge for asylum seekers and should be removed. The detention centres are meant to discourage asylum seekers who migrate to Australia illegally, despite this the number of boat people have not diminished. In conclusion, Australia has the right to protect its boarders, but being a multicultural nation Australia also has an obligation of accepting international immigrants to satisfy both desires detention centres are necessary but have to be run completely by the Australian government to ensure that the correct procedures and treatment are given to the asylum seekers.

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