Astronomical Tuition Prices

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Tuition increases is one of the main concerns for parents who are sending their children off to college. There have been major payment increases for every college in the past fifty to seventy-five years. Classes, semesters, years and the time it takes to get a degree have sky rocketed for every university. Most students cannot just walk out of high school and say, I have my entire college paid for there’s no sweat in slacking off and looking at university projected prices.” “However, now many, if not most, students are forced to view these costs in terms of a ‘finance model,’ which requires more planning and strategy, a longer repayment period, and the assuming of substantial debt loads Quirke (2014). Parents and students alike have to plan and strategically organize their finances to have an estimate of how long they can pay for or begin to pay for college. Many students while in college will work to provide their own education or have extra pocket change to help lessen the load on their parents. By the time they are seniors, 88 percent of students will be working either on or off campus Nathan (2014). For parents, sending their child off to college is not only an emotional journey, but it can also be a huge dip into their pocketbooks as well. There are many different forms of financial help that both parents and students can look into to lessen the financial burden. Scholarships, grants, loans and other forms of payment can benefit the family of the future college bound child. The Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (formerly the Texas Tomorrow Fund) was developed to cover the cost of tomorrow’s college tuition and required fees at Texas public colleges and universities, this plan is currently closed to new enrollment Be (2014). ... ... middle of paper ... ...ournal of Higher Education. The New Entrepreneurship in Higher Education: The Impact of Tuition Increases at an Ontario University | Quirke | Canadian Journal of Higher Education. Retrieved April 15, 2014, from TPAC Proposes 2.6 Percent Increases for In-State Undergraduates for Each of Next Two Academic Years. (2011, November 28). Home. Retrieved April 15, 2014, from Tuition and Fee and Room and Board Charges over Time, 1973-74 through 2013-14, Selected Years. (n.d.). Tuition and Fee and Room and Board Charges over Time, 1972-73 through 2012-13, Selected Years. Retrieved April 13, 2014, from
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