Astonomy and Cosmology Unit Final

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Astronomy and Cosmology have always been an interesting subjects for me since I was little. The two units before this unit were somewhat new to me but weren’t filled with a colossal amount of information. When we arrived at this unit I thought it would be a review of what I had already knew about space, but really it was much more than just planets and stars. My knowledge and view of the universe has drastically changed after learning about various concepts like the Main Sequence, Cosmic Microwave Blackbody Radiation, and red or blue shifts. From this i’ve learned that what is happening here on Earth is nothing compared to what is happening to what is happening in the far reaches of space. There is so much going on in our universe and it makes me feel even more optimistic about whether or not one day humans will have the chance to be able to travel the long distance to see all of this with our own eyes. Everything we’ve learned over these past few weeks about the universe has ranged from something that can be considered to be general knowledge for this topic to stuff we can tell p...

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