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Asthma is a disease that currently has no cure and can only be controlled and managed through different treatment methods. If asthma is treated well it can prevent the flare up of symptoms such as coughing, diminish the dependence on quick relief medication, and help to minimize asthma attacks. One of the key factors to successful treatment of asthma is the creation of an asthma action plan with the help of a doctor that outlines medications and other tasks to help control the patient’s asthma ("How Is Asthma Treated and Controlled?"). The amount of treatment changes based on the severity of the asthma when it is first diagnosed and may be the dosage may be increased or decreased depending on how under control the patient’s asthma is. One of the main ways that asthma can be controlled is by becoming aware of the things that trigger attacks. For instance staying away from allergens such as pollen, animal fur, and air pollution can help minimize and manage the symptoms associated with asthma. Also if it is not possible to avoid the allergens that cause a patient’s asthma to flare up, they may need to see an allergist. These health professionals can help diagnosis what may need to be done in other forms of treatment such as allergy shots that can help decrease the severity of the asthma ("How Is Asthma Treated and Controlled?"). Even though there is no cure for asthma, there are two main types of medication used for the treatment of it. The first is long term medication that aids in decreasing the inflammation of a person’s airways and also serves as a preventative measure for symptoms and asthma attacks. These medicines are usually anti-inflammatory drugs that are taken daily to reduce future symptoms, but do not act as a quick fix... ... middle of paper ... ...rease the likelihood of an asthma attack, which is sometimes brought about by stress. Additionally acupuncture has been used to try and minimize the symptoms of asthma patients, but little research has been done in support of this method ("Alternative Therapy for Asthma"). There are not any surgeries that are associated with the treatment of asthma, but there is a new treatment called bronchial thermoplasty, where the smooth muscle that is in the airways of the lungs is treated with a small heated probe (Little). This helps to dilate the airways and decreases the symptoms associated with asthma. This treatment is still in its early stages of research and will need to be tested more in depth before it becomes a common procedure (Little). All of these treatment methods, including traditional and nontraditional, can be used in order to help people control their asthma.

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