Assisted Suicide and the right to die

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Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death now (National).Physician assisted suicide has been around since the beginning of time, to end the suffering of patients. This issue is still being argued whether it is right and should be passed as legislation making assisted suicide dependable. Assisted Suicide is when a physician provides all the necessary needs for a patient to commit suicide without physically doing it. For a physician, assisted suicide is when the patients have to request the act to be done and for the doctor to agree. The purpose of this research paper is to bring more awareness of physician assisted suicide and if it should be legalized.
There are many people against physician assisted suicide for many different reasons. One of the main reasons people are against physician assisted-suicide is because the safety of the patients. Some people believe that the patients are not requesting suicide and that physicians are just performing the acts. According to Jerald Bachman and other authors they believe that assisted-suicide should never be performed regardless of the situation (Bachmen). They believe that it is unethical for the physicians to complete such a personal task. Like Jerald, Andreas believes that assisted-suicide should not be legalized at all. Andres believes that patients are not mentally stable to make such a serious request (Freit). When patients are under heavy dosages of medication they are not able to think clearly and make serious requests. Both articles are trying to make sure patients are well aware of suicide and to make sure doctors are not performing the acts without their approval.
For example oncology patients that are under very intoxicated medications it would be hard to believe they would...

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... physicians how do they feel about being a part of taking another person’s life. Seal talks about the survey’s he has given and the results of them and how they are in favor of assisted-suicide. The surveys were of doctors and their feeling about assisted-suicide. 176 of the doctors favored for assisted-suicide, saying that they feel that they are helping and are the best interest of their patients. This was very surprising, because most people assume that doctors are against assisted-suicide.
With all the information given from these articles regarding physician assisted-suicide and the right to die. I would have to agree with most of the articles with legalizing assisted suicide. There have been numerous test, surveys, etc. on the patients, doctors and society on this controversial issue. These test prove that it is sane to have physician assisted-suicide legal.
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