Assisted Suicide : The Pros And Cons Of Euthanasia

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One benefit from voluntary euthanasia is the prevention of gory and horrific deaths. In the article, “Assisted dying: more than 300 terminally ill people a year committing suicide,” published by The Telegraph by author John Bingham, Bingham explains that “More than 300 terminally ill people in England a year could be taking their own lives because there is no possibility of assisted suicide.” The terminally ill seem to opt out and commit suicide whenever they want to die, because there is no euthanasia in their country, or region. In fact, citizens of one country are also willing to travel to another country, wherever euthanasia is allowed, to commit assisted suicide. Bingham explains, “Around 25 Britons a year also die at the Dignitas assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland.” The group Dignity in Dying carried out the research, and according to their October 2014 article, “A Hidden Problem: Suicide by Terminally Ill People.,” “the issue of Britons travelling abroad to die to exercise choice and control over their death receives regular media coverage.” The group is trying to explain that it is not out of the ordinary for a Briton to travel to another country to exercise euthanasia or assisted suicide because it is not allowed in their home country. It can be argued that it would be beneficial for Britain to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide because none of these individuals would have to leave their home country and die elsewhere. For individuals, especially the terminally ill, dying in their home country can lead them to embrace their noble death. Countries cannot avoid, or ignore, the epidemic of the terminally ill who kill themselves every day. Without counting euthanasia, according to the article, “One in 10 Suicides L... ... middle of paper ... ...ill save millions of dollars of insurance annually because we wouldn’t use the said money on unnecessary funding. Some readers and individuals may say, like the article, “Ethics - Euthanasia: Anti-Euthanasia Arguments” published by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), “Euthanasia weakens society’s respect for the sanctity of life,” but it is quite the contrary. Euthanasia and assisted suicide would respect the patient’s wishes and thus lead them to dying a noble death as they have the control over their own life. An individual with chronic pain or a terminal illness will be granted freedom in his last moments of life. In all, euthanasia and assisted suicide can be very useful and important all over the globe for all the to be achievements (allowing patients to embrace death, giving family members time to plan, saving insurance money, etc) it could accomplish.

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