Assisted Suicide Shouldada

Should assisted suicide be an available choice to those who want it or not in Canada? There could be an understanding as to why assisted suicide is illegal in Canada, some people would agree that it is inhumane to physically take others life as it goes against their moral and religious beliefs. While others believe in minimizing and eradicating suffering even if the last option is death. From a personal perception, I strongly agree that assisted suicide should be legal in Canada irrespective of moral and religious beliefs. It is very easy to make an assumed judgement about how others feel as we are not in their shoes. Pain is something that is unique to every individual, only those individual and their family members would have a good description of how they feel not the public who has not had a first and experience with their situation but only dwells on what they hear and see. In relation to the journal attained from the Toronto star, Susan Griffith a 72 year old woman suffers from MSA-induced disability decided she does not want to wait for death as her suffering knows no bound, as such she decided to choose when and how she dies by traveling to Zurich to get her medically assisted suicide done. It has been highly debated that medically assisted suicide should be legalized or not in Canada. In Canada, it is very easy to give all the basic amenities disabled people need and not provide help to those who desperately want assisted suicide. Although assisted suicide is illegal in Canada, there should still be a provision of an illegal way to help end people suffering from dire illnesses.
In relation to an article written by Burt Robert, people do not often get assisted suicide because it is the only option available but because ...

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