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953 words

Imagine you are diagnosed as a terminally ill patient. It is pre-determined that you are going to die in a matter of 6 months, whether dementia is dehumanizing you day by day, or you’re physically being detained from leaving your hospice bed. Whether you would even opt for assisted suicide or not, wouldn’t you want to at least have the choice to peacefully end your life that has already been confirmed to end in a matter of months? You would not only have the option of when you would want to end your life, but how, and surrounded by the people you love. As an American, we are all given the right to say, believe, and act as we want—without harming others—due to the 1st amendment of the constitution. If assisted suicide is illegal, doesn’t that take away our very right to live the life we want? If one is in so much pain, and has been diagnosed as a terminally ill patient, and they want to end their life in a dignified manner surrounded by their loved ones, isn’t it only fair to give them that option? Some may worry that the legalization of PAS may have a slippery slope. It would “trickle” down to clinically depressed people, or people who may survive but are sick of being in constant pain everyday. However, the laws where PAS is legal are not taken loosely. They take the requirements to follow through with PAS very seriously. One must be a legal adult of the age 18. The patient must be proven “capable” by a judge of making the decision to take their own life. The consulting physician must find the diagnosis and prognosis of their patient’s disease and state they are terminally ill. The patient must be a resident of Oregon. They must have two written requests with witnesses—one of which must not be a relative of blood, adoption, or ... ... middle of paper ... the life we want, so why can’t we die the way we want as well? A soldier can fight for our country and die a dignified man, knowing he died protecting something he loved, so why can’t one have the choice to die in a dignified manner, happy with the life they have lived, before the torturous process of their incurable disease overtakes them. Physician assisted suicide is a choice. A choice of how to beat an inevitable death. It is in no way a path for everyone. If one’s idea of dying proud is fighting to the end, and letting their ailment engulf them, then that is their choice. Or if leaving this earth at peace, and being able to say “I lived a great life, and I intend to leave feeling accomplished”, is another’s way of dying dignified then so be it. It’s not about which option is taken, it’s that either way, we should have a choice and it should be ours to make.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that if assisted suicide is illegal, doesn't it take away our right to live the life we want?
  • Opines that the legalization of pas would "trickle" down to clinically depressed people, or people who may survive but are sick of being in constant pain everyday.
  • Explains that most people would not take their lives unless there was a legitimate reason. the elimination of physician aid to terminally ill patients was considered unconstitutional.
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