Assisted Suicide Euthanasia

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No one wants to see a person in their care or that they care about suffering . I strongly believe that physician-assisted suicide or PAS is permissible especially if the patient is aware or competent enough they should have the right to choose how they will live or die ,but if the patient is unaware or is terminally ill and is unable to speak , or gather nourishment on their own and is completely oblivious to the world around them ,Then Physician assisted suicide may not be permitted as this is not a competent person ,but in most other cases including unrelenting suffering and inability to move or talk ,but still competent enough PAS requests gives the patient or patients the ability so they can die in a more dignified way. It is also the duty of a doctor or physician to relieve pain and suffering at times which then would justify helping someone die if it saves them from unbearable suffering but the patient’s autonomy must be respected=======The act of respecting a patients autonomy is to acknowledge that person’s right to make choices and take actiom based on that person’s own values and belief system. With that being said, respecting them involves not only refraining from interfering with their decisions ,but sometimes helping him or her set up the necessary conditions to be autonomous person.(in respect to Unitarianism) "As I remember from ethics utilitarianism states that the morality of an action is determined by its adherence to the Greatest Happiness Principle, which means to cause the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest number of people" but also not forgetting our own happiness matters as well but still palls in comparison to a large group of people ;to request "PAS "the outcome of that action must be con... ... middle of paper ... ... can occur the first is passive euthanasia where a patient is allowed to die due to natural causes an example is if the patient or patient's no longer getting food to consume or unplugging his/Or her respirator ,but in active euthanasia where a patient is killed an example is a doctor that injects him/her with a lethal dose of a drug as you can see either forms of euthanasia ends with a life lost in active euthanasia the doctor takes an action with the intention that it will cause the patient's death and in passive euthanasia the doctor lets the patient die when a doctor lets someone die, they carry out an action with the intention that it will cause the patient's death so there is no real difference between passive and active euthanasia, thus the act of removing life-support is just as much an act of killing as giving a lethal injection.( respects to my own opinion)
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