Assisted Living Case Study

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In the case study the authors present some very troubling facts that lead to some legal issues surrounding the director of an assisted living facility. One of the first issues surrounding this facility is the constant innuendo’s that corporate managers recite to members of the facility where they exclaim that “Silver Oak should be a “youth oriented company,” as well “there was “no room for dead wood” (Walsh, 2013, p. 96). Based on this explanation from the text it is evident that this corporation has no regard for their tenured employees. Additionally, they do not see the benefits that these older employees contribute to the business with experience and mature decision making. Looking at the facts it is very evident that this corporation also…show more content…
Finally, the last issue that was revealed in this case study, was the issue with the older director of the assisted living facility was disciplined for not following procedures and processes when admitting new patients. The other issue that she was disciplined for was an alleged termination of an employee without having another witness present during the termination process. Based on this accounting the director refuted these claims and was terminated for not calling in every day as instructed while on an approved medical leave of absence (Walsh, 2013). As the case study unfolded it also revealed that there were other additional issues that were added to the termination reasoning that was from other administrators who had worked with the…show more content…
Supported by the following the extended living corporation has violated the director’s employment rights by abusing their authority over her. They did this by developing a hostile work place that is a gross violation of the harassment law that when a person is interrupted in their work should be considered harassment. Additionally, the age discrimination law has been violated by their proliferation of age discrimination that “Involves treating an employee less favorably because of his or her age” (EEOC Laws, 2015, para. 1). Despite the addition of other multiple claims of impropriety against the director the extended living corporation was outside of their original claim that caused the director to be terminated. Based on these facts the only aspect of this case that can be considered against the director is the original claim against her for termination. Secondly, the Judge should administer a fine for their actions and require that the extended living facility amend their management system and require them to provide plausible evidence that they have corrected the violations of employment law and verify that these corrective actions are working and in

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