Assimilation Is The Best Method For Promoting Cultural Integration

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The definition of assimilation in culture is “the process by which a person or persons acquire the social and psychological characteristics of a group,” adapting and becoming similar to ones environment (Assimilation, 2005). Countries are requiring immigrants to assimilate to their cultures, yet by doing so they are rejecting the idea of diversity. Assimilation is ripping away migrates identity and handing them a new language and culture as an entrance ticket to a country. Though, assimilation is not a concept required to be a good citizen because values are not taught in a certain language or culture, but are universal concepts. In the 2015 presidential candidate debate on immigration, Marco Rubio stated that his grandfather was immigrant who hardly spoke English, yet he loved America . He taught Marco strong values in Spanish, which made Marco a good citizen. Assimilation is not the best method for promoting cultural integration because it is eliminating opportunities for immigrants to be accepted as an equal in countries. That is why integration has to be a process that is balanced between immigrants and countries, without having a long list of requirements piled on immigrants shoulders.
The word assimilation sounds quite easy, however when one is in the position of having to assimilate, a list of requirements appear. One of the first requirements would be learning the native language of the country in order to be capable of communicating with other individuals. Learning the basics of a language is the main process of assimilating, however, the basics are not sufficient for most countries. Countries prefer individuals who are capable of speaking the native language fluently because it becomes less difficult fo ci...

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...untries should not stay focused on providing a certain image for citizens, but should try to integrate the different cultures in society. Immigrants are experiencing confusion and feeling lost in a new country where they are seen as an outcast. They need to feel safe and have resources they can use when in need of help. Countries must be willing to become diverse in order to expect positive change in their country because immigrants play a huge role in their economies. Yet, many immigrants do not believe they are contributing to society, “[B]ut the lifestyles they(middle and upper class) enjoy are made possible in large part by these mao-dependent migrants,” because they are taking jobs that help society move forward (Loyalka, 2012, p. 19). After all, immigrants are already taking on a tough task by themselves, the least countries can do is offer them a helping hand.

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