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Nursing Program Writing Assignment
1.The characteristics that intrigued me of the nursing practice was as a patient at the Danbury Medical Center. As a patient, the nurses gave me the most delightful patient care ever received. They took their time to make sure my care was an urgency. When my pain had increased the nurses were there by my side. They had taken the time to make sure the proper dose of medicine was given to me at the correct time. Even though my current status was lying in bed with a fractured femur. They took the time to make sure my needs were met. I had never expected that going to the hospital from flying off a cliff on my skateboard would direct me in my future dream job. The nurses showed me what patient care really and truly was. Patient care is putting others in front of your own needs. Being a great nurse is showing your patient that there is hope. Patient care is not only making sure your patient is satisfied but making sure their family and loved ones are cared for as well.
Taking the time to get to know the nurses at Danbury Medical Center, I to this day remained in contact with Claudette Novella. She was a nurse
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The personal qualities that will benefit me to accomplish an outstanding job in the nursing practice are my hard working skills. Determination is an additional quality that will enhance me in the nursing practice. In addition, caring for my patient when they are sick is another personal quality that will benefit me to do an outstanding job in the nursing practice.
Throughout my education, I proved that I am a hard working student that will never give up. My ambition of becoming a nurse, pushed me even harder to reach my goal. With all my hard work I have acquired a passion for learning. Educating myself has enhanced my desire of becoming a nurse. From learning all the human anatomy to learning the biology of life, this showed me that my hard working skills have prepared me for the nursing practice and for the nursing
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