Assignment Four

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I. The biggest lessons I have learned from my own teaching and from observing peers and experienced teachers. I have got rich experience to learn new things and unlearn some others. Though, I have been teaching for thirteen years, I didn’t get chance to reflect my teaching and learning from others. I used to believe in student centered teaching but didn't have much idea. The CELTA course has nurtured and strengthened my passion as a teacher. It has rekindled my desire to be an innovative, resourceful, and hardworking teacher. It has given me an opportunity to reflect on my teaching, has made me confident as a teacher. I tried my best to learn from teaching practice. I got chance to know my strengths and weakness as a teacher. I have learned following things from my lessons: • To be aware of learners' learning style and plan lesson accordingly. • To reduce TTT to ensure student- centered teaching. • To be reflective on own teaching and learn from mistakes. I have learnt many things from my peers. I have learnt to persevere from Sama. She remained natural throughout her teaching practice. I've got rich experience observing Rohini's teaching, the way she prepared lesson and use visual displays were good. I've learnt to be energetic and well-prepared from Caroline. Phoenix's dedication in preparation of teaching practice and inquisitive nature has helped me learn a lot. I got opportunity to obverse the lessons of experienced teachers like Stevens Lawrence, Ifthaquar Jamil, Maureen McGarvey, Frances Eales, and Catherine Mc Farlane. My learning from experienced teachers: I have learnt to keep my lessons simple and interesting from Mr. Lawrence. Following are some of the important things that I have leant from him. • Keeping goo... ... middle of paper ... ...eaching English Pronunciation. • Read additional books to improve teaching receptive and productive skills: I will read o Harmer’s How to Teach English o Riddell’s Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language (Teach Yourself) o Gebhard’s Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language o Ur’s A course in Language Teaching • Other things that I’ll do: o Suscribe ELT news letter’s from British Council o Be a member in Cambridge English Teacher Online Professional Development. o Observe experienced teacher in my workplace. o Video record some of my teaching and watch later o Keep teaching journal : at least twice a week. o Enroll to teacher trainings provided by British Council Nepal. It is not easy to do all the things mentioned above at once, but I will commit myself to develop myself professionally. I need to work systematically setting short and long term goal.

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