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The KAI assessment (Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory) designed to allow people to solve different issues and challenges in a creative way. Also, it allows the people to use various techniques in thinking, understanding, creating and cooperating with others. The assessment figure out types of thinking styles, such as: adapters and innovators, thus, number of people will fall in a middle of this two categories, they called them bridgers. There are several differences that differentiate adapters from innovators and vice versa, such as:
Adapters Innovators
1- They are structured.
2- Well-organized.
3- Like to follow descriptions.
4- They solve the problems/issues. 1- They like to do things differently.
2- They find the problems/issues.
3- They take risk.
4- They like to work alone.

After doing the KAI assessment, it helps me easily to understand and accomplish my ideas, as:
• Getting my ideas by brainstorming.
• Manage my variety abilities to solve issues, challenges or problems.
• Better understanding of the challenges and the best way to solve it, in a creative way.
• How to face changes in work environment.

Moreover, there are several points in contributing positively in working environment, which I figure out from the KAI assessment, such as:
• Take responsibilities, in order to build a successful career.
• Concentrate on the contribution, engage to high levels of creativity, in order to generate successful ideas, as a result succeed in operating the works tasks.
• Know your strength, in order to use it as a benefit to you, as well as, find out your weaknesses.
• Your attitudes and behaviors, in communicating and dealing with other employees and external clients.
• Work with others in teams or groups.
• Use the creati...

... middle of paper ... in collaborating with others.
• Bridgers have less level of innovation compared with others, such as: innovators.

Moreover, there are useful features or characteristics both adapters and innovators have, which can help and develop bridgers in working environment, such as:
• Both adapters and innovators can solve issues in a creative thinking, but the difference is the way they solve them.
• Use different methodologies or tools in thinking to generate ideas in order to solve the problems correctly, like six thinking hats tool.
• Adapters list there aims, goals and responsibilities to follow and accomplish what’s their desired, as they are structured people.
• There are two way of thinking the employees should be aware of and develop themselves and their skills:
- Creative thinking to generate new ideas.
- Critical thinking is the response of others ideas.

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