Assessment And Self-Assessment Cycle

Self-assessment cycle
For aims of this research self- assessment is the strategy to develop learner’s self-direction in the literal reading comprehension performance, it involves a cyclical process which includes recognizing strengths and weaknesses, setting goals and self- monitoring, in which the learners may play a more active role when reading in English.
Assessment is an essential part in the classroom that focuses not only in a grade for a certain task or a final result. Thus, it is considered important to make clear the different views and concepts that assessment, self- assessment and self- grading carry out in the learning process. This brief review provides information about the key construct self- assessment and the cyclical
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Now, having in mind these definitions and the importance of assessment in the academic life, learners should not face it only as the judgments of a particular production in which it may get positive and negative perceptions from others. It is relevant to mention that the focus of this research was to give students voice in the reading assessment process in which they could recognize and overcome difficulties, thus, learners may realize of playing an active role in the assessment process which did not only involve numbers as a result, but it might affect the way of learning by getting students familiar with the reflective practice upon their own processes, through the self- assessment as a self-directed reading strategy to improve their literal reading…show more content…
Self-grading, by allowing students to determine their own grades for some classroom work, purports to encourage students to assume more responsibility for their learning process. But while this has been shown to be true for well-motivated students, McGeever reports that "others are motivated to take it easier and learn less and that these two tendencies pretty well balance one another off in the statistics." (as cited in LeBlanc, Painchaud, 1985, p. 674), finally, from another viewpoint of self-grading, Warne specifies that “self- assessment seems to be a tool well- suited to helping learners to develop appropriate goals and self- regulate or monitor their efforts” (as cited in Meihami & Varmaghani, 2013, p.42) and it is not only being considered just related to numbers or

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