Assessing The Role Of Branding In The Marketing Of Pharmaceutical Products In Ghan A Case Study

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Delivering brand performance is done through equity product performance, customer care, customer satisfaction and delight. Keller (2003) defined leveraging process as a link of branding to firms that create a new set of associations from the brand and that affect their brandings. Many companies nowadays employ different techniques to leverage their brandings. They engage in brand extensions, line extensions, ingredient branding and co-branding, etc. Though product branding has many benefits to a firm, the ultimate expected outcome of product branding is increased profit. Product branding creates product image, makes purchasing easier and develops customer franchise so that the ‘‘search costs’’ on customers may decrease so that firms could charge exorbitant price and still enjoy high profits margins. Product branding encourages firms to make huge investment in product quality which leads to higher returns. This has been confirmed by Llonch-Casanovas (2012) that product branding allows firms to differentiate their products to make their products unique in the eyes of consumers. Many empirical studies have confirmed the assertion that product branding increased product sales. One of these studies is by Griffiths et al (2005) who conducted a study in Australia using cross-sectional data of 300 firms over 1989 to 2002. Their…show more content…
The study was carried out in Greater Accra Regoin of Ghana, targeting pharmaceutical companies within Greater Accra Region. The study found that branding improves sales of pharmaceutical products in Ghana. The study indicated that customers’ perception of brand significantly influence their purchase decision and sales of pharmateutical products. The pharmaceutical companies used branding to communicate the value of their product and tangible differences to
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