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In The Power of Writing by Joel Swerdlow, we are introduced to the definition of the word “writing”, its history, context and evolution over time. Writing is considered to be one of the most important forms of communication we possess. From books, to newspapers, birth certificates, to healthcare records, writing provides us with vital information that can be used endlessly. Swerdlow makes a flawless connection between writing, to one’s personal identity. To his understanding what we express in a piece of paper, is part of our individuality, creativity and part of our imagination. Personally I consider myself an enthusiastic writer, who enjoys writing about my family genealogy, living experiences, plans for the future, poems and religious beliefs. Writing is one of the most important skills I possess, because it lets people understand important aspects of my persona. A person’s identity can be described as the person’s beliefs, characteristics, ideas, values, and uniqueness. Each individual poses a different identity. For example you can grow up with your parents and siblings, but your identity is not going to be completely associated to theirs. When we write our complete identity comes into place, is like using our personal language. According to Swerdlow writing is a fragment of our language “The transformation of language into written words has immortalized passion, genius, art, and science-the letters of St. Paul, the poems of Li Po, the humor of Aristophanes, the treatises of Maimonides” (31). For example my writing is connected with my identity when I write about my family genealogy. When I write about my ancestors, I feel that part of my identity is connected to them through my writing. It’s a special connection that per... ... middle of paper ... ...on to produce novels. But authors cannot just write whatever it comes to their mind, they have to image what interest their readers might have. As stated by Swerdlow, writers often have to prompt other people to think as they read “It’s something that you must do even if you do not have the leisure of being in prison. To write, you must work methodically, forming your thoughts and prompting other people to think as they read. Writing requires work at both ends. That’s what makes writing special” (42). Subsequently, writing is not an easy task by any means, but it helps us express important aspects of our persona. In conclusion writing is one of the most important forms of communication one can have. For an enthusiastic writer like me, is the primary form of communication. Writing lets me express who I am, what I am able to create and how I use my imagination.
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