Aspects of Tornadoes

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Aspects of Tornadoes How tornadoes form? [IMAGE]Many people have seen the movie 'twister' (starring Helen Hunt & Bill Paxton), within the movie there is clear footage that shows the carnage and brutality of the tornado. Tornadoes (from the Spanish words "tronada" meaning thunderstorm and "tornar" meaning turn) are nature's fiercest storms. Tornadoes are funnel-shaped, wedged-shaped and rope-shaped and seem to appear from the bottoms of the huge thunderstorm clouds. Despite their small size when compared to other windstorms like hurricanes, tornadoes produce very strong winds. Tornadoes from due to the engagement of two different air streams which cause development of the hazard. If a tornado is too form often a low-pressure system, with cold and warm fronts, must be present. [IMAGE]First warm, moist air (e.g. from Gulf of Mexico) starts off a cold war and meets fast moving stream of cold air (e.g. from Rocky Mountains). A small layer of warmer air gets above the warm and humid air at the surface. This is like an atmospheric sandwich, with warm and humid air at the surface, the capping layer of warmer air in the middle and cold and dry air above. As this continue the meeting of the air above causes the land mass to warm up during the day, this causes the warm moist air to become unstable and rises through the cold air to form a small, low-pressure system - mesocyclone. As this continues it causes cumulonimbus cloud development and thus thunderstorms develop. A thunderstorm happens when there is moisture in the atmosphere, a lifting force causing air to begin rising, and unstable air that will continue to rise once it starts a... ... middle of paper ... ...ings demolished, unanchored mobile homes overturned, block structure walls collapsed, roofs peeled back. Small wood missiles observed. 24% F3 (strong) 158-206 mph SEVERE DAMAGE: Exterior walls and roofs blown off homes. Metal buildings collapsed or are severely damaged. Forests are flattened. Most block structures collapsed. 6% F4 (violent) 207-260 mph DEVASTATING DAMAGE: Few walls, if any, standing in well-built homes. Pile of debris on foundation, large steel and concrete missiles thrown far distances. 2% F5 (violent) 261-318 mph (RARE) INCREDIBLE DAMAGE: Homes on slabs levelled with debris removed. Schools, motels and other marginally engineered buildings have considerable damage with exterior walls and roofs gone. Top stories demolished. less than 1%

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