Aspects of Proper Customer Relationship Management

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Customers are the center of the importance of quality. Attracting and satisfying customers with a product and providing them with the services they want is the key of being successful with a product or service. Organizations should consider their customers at all levels of developing their product and use customer satisfaction as the main influence in the quality of their product. In class our definition of quality is “meeting the customer’s needs and expectations.” If an organization product dissatisfies its customers then the organization will not be able to be successful. Organizations should define the quality of their product by how well it meets what the customers are expecting. It is important for an organization to effectively manage their customers so they can have a clear vision of what the customer’s desire.

Customers are the people who receive the goods or services provided to them. Essentially, there are two types of customers in relation to an organization. Internal customers are the customers within an organization. These are usually employees that receive a service from another section of the company. For example, a database that is programmed and set up by one employee may be used by another employee to carry out a task. The other type of customers is external customers also known as end users. External customers are the ones purchasing the finished product provided to them by a supplier organization. The main goal of any organization should be to satisfy their external customers. This will allow the organization to gain profit, grow, and fulfill the purpose of the organization (Foster 112).

Customer-driven quality is a way of satisfying a customer’s needs by collecting information and data about the customer ...

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...g customers is crucial to successfully marketing a product or service and giving it the best quality. Through complaint resolution, feedback, guarantees, and corrective action an organizations customers can be managed in a way that improves the quality of a product or service. Without customers a company cannot conduct business, so making customers the main influence behind quality of a product is valuable in every way.

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