Aspects of Employment Opportunities

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Aspects of Employment Opportunities The aspects of employment opportunities that I will cover are the type of jobs they were employed in like domestic services, textiles and the sweated trades. The work done by woman in these jobs was mostly manual. These jobs did not require a high level of education. Women were rarely promoted due to the attitudes and mentalities of men at the time. Many people thought women were less capable than men. This is because women were not as well educated as men. Domestic service was one of the few jobs that employed women in large numbers. However, the pay was very low and the domestic servants often worked in bad conditions. They lived in the attic houses and worked very long hours. The servants were paid five to ten pounds a year and they only got half day a week off. Many young girls after leaving school at the age of twelve went straight into service. Pay was very low at the time due to the number of girls searching for jobs as only 5,900,000 women were working in Britain out of the total female population which was 23,700,000. This job did not require a high level of education. Therefore, many girls were employed in this job because the educational opportunities for women were very low. It was estimated that 2% of girls received secondary education. These were often the rich girls. Textiles and the sweated trades also employed a large number of women as it had been since the industrial revolution. Examples of these industries were clothing, dress making, jewelry, shoemaking, spinning weaving...etc Here, pay was very low, usually two thirds of a man's pay. Most of the workers in these industries were women. However, they also had to look after their children. In these conditions, women were therefore, an easy target for owners of sweatshops. Conditions in these industries could be worse than in domestic service. In 1914, it was not difficult for a woman to find work. However, the only type of work that was available for them was manual work because
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