Aspects Of Power In Sakharam Binder By Vijay Tendulkar

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Aspects of Power in Sakharam Binder:
The study of Vijay Tendulkar’s plays gives us idea that the dramatist deals with actual incident in Indian community. In his plays, he was concerned with the means of power effects of oppression manifested in different forms, he lash out the institution of marriage and hypocrisy of the society. Whatever his predicament, it is obvious that he plays the power game through his elitist discourse to subvert the Indian Folk style and is reluctant to make his position clear.
Male Dominance and Female Frailty:
This play explains the complexities in the relationship between men and women of Indian society and how men misused the merit of power which is in their hands to oppress women. It exposes the bad treatment
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Arundhati Banerjee observe that this play ignores the cultural norms and boldly presents the crude preventions caused by physical deformity. We realize that, the main characters in the play are abnormal in their behavior and each one is unique in her or his abnormality, Sakharam smokes, speaks vulgar language, and drinks liquor; Champa is rebellious for her alienation and seeks for her joy; where Laxmi’s religious belief is unrealistic, obstinately conventional, and she was inhuman fundamentalist (Babu 90). Sakharam reveals the negative treatment by his parents and his father made to run away from the home, he said: “Born in a Brahmin family, but I’m a Mahar, a dirty scavenger. I call that a bloody joke! I ran away from home when I was eleven. Got fed up with my father’s beating. Nothing I did ever seemed right. You’d think I was his enemy or something. The way he’d thrash me!”(Tendulkar 127). The brutal treatment of Sakharam Binder by his parents leads him to behave rude in order to overcome his…show more content…
He chewed it up long ago. He bought me from my mother even before I’d become a woman. He married me when I don’t even know what marriage meant. He’d torture me at night. He branded me and stuck needles into me and made me do awful filthy things. I ran away. He bought me back and stuffed chilly powder into that god-awful place, where it hurts it most”(Tendulkar). Sakharam's citadel of power starts crumbling when Champa refuses to sleep with Sakharam; Champa doesn’t conform to the usual ‘man demanding’ and ‘women consenting’ in sexual matter. When Sakharam is overwhelmed by a passion and wants to gratify his sexual urge she retorts “Now you just behave yourself. Don’t you go around like a dog behind a bitch”(Tendulkar) as he cannot satiate her owing to the presence of Laxmi. Sakharam's power is totally negated at the end when Laxmi before parting reveals Champa's affair with Dawood. The physical lust leads Sakharam to throttle Champa due to his sexual jealousy and as a form of revenge when she leaves the house in his absence, this behavior for Sakharam is challenge to his power in his own house or code of ‘rules’. The secret relationship between Champa and Dawood reveals a new incident about practicing of physical lust in the modern
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