Askari Bank Case Study

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ORGANIZING Askari Bank’s Organizational Design is bureaucratic because it is principally owned by the army and its working methods are directed by the board members of the bank. COMMENTS ON ASKARI BANK’S STRUCTURE Askari Bank 's structure is straightforward yet tall. The organization is predominant in this structure as it is owned by the armed force. All the power lies with the Board of Directors who dwell at the highest point of the structure. The level of formalization and work specialization is high. The decison making is brought together and is done by the board members. The compass of control is slender i.e. each superior has close to 7 laborers and carries out close supervision of them. The Bank 's Structure is adjusted to the way…show more content…
The correspondence streams all over the structure from bosses to workers and the other way round. Supporting business capacities report to their particular Group Heads/Country Heads/Executive officers, who then report to the President and CEO and they further answer to the Board of Directors. In such a work specific environment where jobs are assembled in different divisions, each part is a master and reports to his/her superior. CHAIN OF COMMAND The power flows from the Board of Directors of the bank down to the subordinate levels. SPAN OF CONTROL Askari Bank has a narrow of control as a result of division of work processes. The quantity of workers per superior is not more than 7. Each predominant carries out detailed supervision of his/her subordinates and is in charge of their workings, i.e. branch administrator at branch level, range director at zone level and local operational head at territorial level.…show more content…
Preparing objectives were resolved in light of very much characterized training need assessment (TNA) methods as imagined in the general key arrangement of the bank. The reason for preparing is to keep workers abilities and capacities up-to-date which goes about as a motivational instrument and builds their assurance. The present examination framework depends on worker execution and commitment towards accomplishing the Banks aims and

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