Asian Wedding Cake

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Asian wedding cake:

Weddings are an integral part of all cultures. The customs and traditions of the different culture vary from each other. Similarly Western weddings are quite different from the Asian weddings. A wedding cake is a very significant tradition of the Western weddings. Although not so significant, but the tradition of wedding cakes at Asian wedding is increasingly becoming popular. As such the Asian wedding cakes are baked in exquisite designs and delicious taste.

Meaning: The phrase ‘Asian wedding cakes’ is a comprehensive term meaning cakes of different countries or cultures in Asia, like Japanese wedding cakes, Chinese wedding cakes, Indian wedding cakes, Korean wedding cakes and so on. The diversities of the wedding culture or tradition of these countries have lead to a wide variety of wedding cake designs, patterns and also taste. The Asian wedding cakes thus reflect the individual choices of the couple on one hand, and ethnic features on the other.

Size, shape and color: The Asian wedding cakes are available in single-tier or multi-tiers. These come in various shapes like star, heart, flower-petal shapes, round, square and oval shapes. There are wonky-cakes and small cupcakes also. The colors used in these cakes portray an Oriental touch. Sometimes the use of some color is highly influenced by the rich culture of that nation. For example, a Japanese wedding cake should incorporate the use of red color. Other cake colors are white, off-white, ivory, yellow, blue, orange, black, pink, dark brown, violet which should correspond with the flavor of the wedding cakes.

Taste: The flavors of the wedding cakes range from fruit-flavor to various unusual combinations like buttercream and lemon, buttercream and e...

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...cake will be surrounded by red and orange edible flower petals. The top of the cake will be decorated with red , yellow and orange flowers like roses, lilies etc. rich chocolate fondant design will ornament the cake.

• A black and white wonky cake or colorful candy cake will satisfy the viewers. Intricate designs on the black and white cake and small colorful candies glued on the candy cake will really look gorgeous.

• A square three-tiered red and white cake with Asian fan and chopsticks as cake topper will give the feel of a Chinese food. Hand-decorated Chinese noodles will look brilliant on the cake.

• For an Indian themed wedding you can choose a round multi-tiered cake. Bright colors like red, tallow, green will suit the particular theme. Intricate sari designs and embroidery, fondant flowers, gold embroidery will bring out the Indian theme perfectly.
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