Asian Poets: Biography of Sara Teasdale

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We don’t realize the value of the things we have in our lives, we take them for granted. Sara Teasdale a modern poet, reminds us that in several of her poems. She was skillful of creating three main techniques which are imagery metaphors and similes. Sadly Teasdale did not have an exactly pleasant life; she ended it by committing suicide. But her beautiful work imparting inspirations live still today.
Sara Trevor Teasdale was born 1884 in St. Louis, Missouri. Sara Teasdale was named after her grandmother. She was the youngest child of Mary Elizabeth Willard and John Warren Teasdale. At the time of Sara's birth, her mother, Mary, was forty and her father John was 45. Teasdale had three other siblings’ two brothers; George, John Warren Jr and her sister Mary. Mary often took care of Sara and loved her very much. According to Teasdale's mother, her first word was "pretty". Sara's love for pretty things inspired her poetry. According to Britannica she wrote excellent, pure openhearted lyrics in conventional verse forms as quatrains or sonnets(“Sara Teasdale”). Flame and Shadow, Dark of the moon and Stars to-night was nonetheless evident Teasdale showed growth as a poet. At the age of fifteen, she was sent to Hosmer Hall, where she began to put her talent on paper. Teasdale first published poem “Reedy’s Mirror” which was a literal journal in St Louis. Ernst Filsinger was married to Teasdale in 1914. They had a happy marriage, but it was too good to be true. They divorced in 1929, due to Teasdale loneliness; Filsinger was gone a lot because of his business. In 1929, she moved for three months criteria to gain a divorce. She did not inform Filsinger, he was shocked and surprised. She lived the rest of her life in New York City and...

... middle of paper ... verse and confessions poetry. A final one Strange Victory published in 1933 after Teasdale committed suicide earlier that year. She was very inspirational and spoke of life and how you always need to try and do your best.

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