Asian Hotel Service Industry Case Study

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Asian Hotel Service industry
As we know that, Hotel service industry is an irreplaceable industry in every countries. The tourism industry played an essential role in the growth of their economies. The hotel industry is closely linked to the tourism industry. The most common Asian countries that we always mention are Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and so forth. At the previous decade, Asian countries’ tourist arrivals rising almost twice the rates compare to the other region. The growth of the Asian hotel management has been continues and increasing day by day despite the economic of word-wide in the past few years was uncertain due to the amount of tourism in every Asian country was no reduction. Thus,
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As we know that, Malacca is a state that richness of history heritage richness with cultural and natural love. Of course, the hotel service industry in Malacca has rapidly growth nowadays due to the tourist to visit Malacca has been increase day by day but still facing the lack of hotel room in Malacca. (Lee, 2014) The latest statistic has 312 registered accommodation such as five star hotels, resort or budget hotels. Tourism Malacca data also has been increase recent years (CH Williams Talhar & Wong, 2014) also expect to be supply new room in Malacca due to the increasing of the tourism.
The most famous hotel that located in Malacca is Hotel Equatorial and Casa Del Rio Hotel. These two hotel is nearby the town of Malacca. Especially Hotel Equatorial because it probably the best-located hotel that located at the heart of Malacca (Malacca, 2010). Hotel Equatorial was established since 1998, it is a 5-star international business class hotel with 22 storeys. Tourist that stay at there are very convenience to go for every history heritage at Malacca. Whereas, Casa Del Rio Hotel is also consider as a best located hotel because it nearby the Jonker Street Malacca which is the street that selling a lot of food and souvenirs and it suit to let tourist to get a accommodation there as they can just walk a few step then they will reach the destination. It is also a 5-star Luxury Boutique hotel in Malacca that built on the bank of the Malacca River with nice and greater
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