Asian Elephant Conservation

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Elephants are beautiful animals that are found in most parts of the world. The elephant is Earth 's largest land animal, although the Asian elephant is slightly smaller than its African cousin. The Asian elephant is an endangered animal and the number of Asian elephants has decreased throughout the world and if nothing is said or done, they will go extinct.
One of the reasons why this animal is endangered is their habitat is lost as human populations increase and grasslands and forests are converted to agricultural and other uses. They start losing their habitat since humans become their competitors and they fight for the same living space. As the human population increases, the decrease of habitat space for the Asian Elephants decreases.
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First, it is important to emphasize having national parks and reserve areas for these elephants so they can feel protected and be safe from dying or being killed. They have to have a large amount of crops and vegetation in order for them to feel comfortable and be able to be healthy. Another important way to save its habitat is the importance of ecotourism. Tourism generates much revenue, which is efficient because it can continue to help the elephants. The national parks are a good source of tourism that indeed helps generate that revenue that will then help the wildlife.
The Asian elephants have been in extinction for various reasons and have been suffering a large number of decreases in their population. The Asian elephants need to live in hot climates, in a large environment with occasional droughts and have many predators. If they do not live in these conditions, they learn to adapt to them.

The Asian elephants live in forest near water sources and grassland and sometimes are found along rivers in dry months. They inhabit in various tropical forests from moist, evergreen lowland forests to dry semi-deciduous teak forests to cooler mountains. They are native throughout Asia and inhabit India, Sri Lanka, Mayanmar (Burma), Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh, and southern
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The Asian elephant faces major reasons why it’s losing its habitat. They are endangered because of habitat loss where humans do recall that they are not good neighbors with the elephants and they start shooting them. Hunters have started killing elephants due to the search of ivory. Due to these circumstances the Asian elephant faces, now hunting elephants is no longer legal in many African countries. In the future, if everyone puts an effort to help maintain awareness of the decline of the endangered species, then there will be a less decline of the quantities of the Asian elephant. I can recall that when I was at the zoo looking at the Asian elephant, a zookeeper came up to me and started to explain to me background information about this animal and how one should be aware that it’s an endangered

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