Asian Dramas

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Music, blogs and books are some examples of compositions in our everyday life. As human beings, we all enjoy different activities such as reading a book or watching movies. In this world, so many types of compositions are there for people to see and understand but some compositions are more enjoyable to one then to another. I am a person who enjoys seeing things visually; therefore, I enjoy watching the television or videos online instead of reading blogs and forums with a lot of text. My parents are quite similar as they spend most of their time watching television shows instead of reading books. This led me to the discovery of a composition I now most enjoy on my free time. It is Asian dramas. Asian dramas are similar to a miniseries in the way that it usually consists of about twenty episodes. It is much shorter than an American television show but it is able to include all the details, problems and solution of the story. This composition has greatly changed the way I think and view things in the world. Thus far, I have learned a lot about the various Asian languages and manners but also discovered many new aspects about the Asian cultures. Furthermore, it has made me realize how much writing and different type of elements are needed into writing a script ad producing the dramas. Asian dramas are entertaining and effective compositions that evokes creativity and analysis through the character’s dialogue and situations. Asian dramas are televised productions formatted similar to miniseries, usually consisting of ten to sometimes one hundred episodes. Normally most dramas, depending on the genre and production, are about twenty episodes long without any sort of sequel to follow up. These dramas are produced in Asian countries s... ... middle of paper ... needed when someone is writing or explaining a story. If an element is missing, it would make the writing seem incomplete. The creative dialogues and actions in Asian dramas form an effective and entertaining composition that allows viewers to see different aspects of culture and life. There is so much more one can learn from watching these Asian dramas. I know people who were able to pick up a few phrases from watching the dramas all the time. Furthermore, it exposes people to a lot of different aspects about Asian culture and lifestyle that we cannot see every day. These dramas are not confined to only Asians as there are many viewers who are of all race that enjoy the dramas and can relate greatly with the characters and lessons in the story. Maybe one day, you should try and watch a drama either Korean, Japanese or Chinese and maybe you may enjoy it as well.

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