As A Gay African American, I Must Fight Internalized Homophobia, By Geoffrey Giddings

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The word gay is used throughout our history that demonstrates a great conservational topic. The author Geoffrey Giddings, wrote the article "As a Gay African American, I Must Fight Internalized Homophobia,” describing about the experience of being gay. Giddings is a gay African American male who grew up in Guyana and is currently living in Crown Heights Brooklyn, New York. He was surrounded by his family beliefs of knowing that gay is viewed as Caribbean heterosexism, meaning that it was a belief that relationships should be the opposite RI sex. With that household belief Giddings had a hard time trying to process his coming out as gay. Giddings addresses that the word gay is to accept yourself for who you are. The purpose of this article is…show more content…
The author Giddings uses the rhetorical device of ethos of stating “So I locked myself up in the campus 's microcosmic African-American community. It was there that I sought affirmation as a man of African descent to heal the scars I suffered when I was much younger. I realized I needed to build my self-esteem and what better way of doing that than by becoming proud of my African roots” (Giddings). The author uses ethos to show that the obstacle of going through his younger years as a gay African male followed him into his older years. As he went to majority white university, he went through the trouble of accepting himself as a gay man trying to fit in. He went through the obstacles of making friends that would accept him for himself. He is credible to the fact that his experiences in college made and shaped him into the man he is today. Ethos of experiencing going through the hardship of all the white people at his school judging him on his sexuality and even in addition his color of skin. This just shows the lack of joy Giddings had during his 5 years in college of constantly hiding his sexuality and not making friends because of the judgmental feeling the school had purposed in front of him. Giddings went to classes and back home, where he wept about trying to uphold his dignity of trying to be this person that he wasn’t. He went through the hardships of slowing accepting his roots and his sexuality. The obstacle he had to overcome was the hardship of interacting with people about accepting himself. This relates to the second author wanting to show that Mccormack also use the quote “Further supporting this dual meaning, I found that heterosexual and gay students bonded through use of the word gay” (Mccormack). This is a very shows the obstacles of wanting to know show the double meaning of the definition. This relates that the author wanted to put the obstacle of wanting
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