Artisan Republicanism In The Industrial Revolution

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In 1800s, the industrial revolution spread across the United States, which significantly change the way of manufacturing and labor society function. More and more Europeans were transferred to America, which increased the population of America. In addition, the larger transportation and communication made the old type of labor conventions and household manufactory became outdated. At that time, the “Artisan Republicanism” was extraordinary popular in the United States, people work depended on their workmanships, and people were also able to be their own boss on the job. However, factory based workplaces replaced the traditional patterns of work, which significantly increased the efficiency of manufactory industry, but on the other hand, labors met big problem, not only on the status of a master in their field, but also on the lower wages and longer working hours. American workers found that they had become “wage slaves”. In response of these changes, laborers started protesting the new revolution, resisted changes of older traditions of work,…show more content…
In 1820s and 1830s, laborers started finding their freedom and independence in the status of the society, the strikes and protests they raised succeed and the labor unions reflected the values of traditional patterns of labor, and labor’s rights first time be valued during that two decades. Nevertheless, keep the old tradition means stop developing, that’s the main failure of the industrial revolution in the United States. White men still led the whole labor movement of the society both on race and gender. The inequality between laborers and racial discrimination still existed, but wherever oppressions existed, there would be
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