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Source 1 – Artificial Intelligence by Stuart J. Russell and Peter Norvig Summary- This book expert describes the fundamentals, history, and changes associated with Artificial Intelligence from 1950’s onward. The book provides a basic explanation that Artificial Intelligence involves simulating human behavior or performance using encoded thought processes and reasoning with electronic free standing components that do mechanical work. 1. Philosophers in 400 B.C saw the human mind as a sort of machine, and believed it operated through encoded knowledge that decided which actions to take. Mathematicians since then developed complex logic and mathematical systems to determine decision-making pathways. From Charles Babbage’s basic adding machines through to complex computing systems of modern day have formed the basis for complex computational problem solving. Psychologists in the last one hundred years…show more content…
After this recent decade of advancement in robots, the question of how efficiently a robot makes decisions is still debated. Robots have various sensors that it takes into its central processing unit that influences its decisions. The development of gyroscopes allowed for the development of self-balancing robots and have given rise to modern day humanoid style robots. Robotic engineers can now design and teach robots various intelligent thought programmed patterns and skills to solve problems similar to humans since the technology can more resemble how humans perceive the world. 2. As further advances in robotic testing and programming continue to emerge, then robots will be able to perform more difficult tasks. This article depicts the problem of consciousness in which robots may have knowledge yet lack feelings or emotion. Though we as humans are conscious, robots are not capable of feeling emotions this distinction allows us to distinguish ourselves from robots who sometimes resemble us. Source 3 – A history of robots: from science fiction to surgical

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