Artificial Intelligence And Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence(AI) is refer to as computer algorithms that show functions that represent intelligence or duplicate certain components and elements of intelligence (Novella, 2017). Computers are good at crunching numbers, running algorithms, recognizing patterns, and searching and matching data. Artificial intelligence is also defined as the stimulation of human intelligence, functioned or processed by machines, especially computer system (Rouse, 2016). These processes involved learning which means the acquisition of information and the rules for using the information, reasoning whereby using the rules to achieve approximate conclusions, and lastly is self-correction. AI has applications in almost every way we use computers in society (Smith, 2006).
Artificial intelligence is classified into two categories which are the weak AI and strong AI. Weak AI is also known as narrow AI that is designed and trained for a particular task (Rouse, 2016). Weak AI is the fact that machines can be made to act as if they are intelligent (Indika, 2011). Apple’s Siri, the virtual personal
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During the year 2014, Siri had a brain transplant (Levy, 2016). Apple was known as the first professional technology company that linked or integrated smart assistant into the operating system in the earlier years. Meanwhile, in the year 2010, Siri became the company’s adaptation of a standalone app it had purchased, along with the team that created it (Levy, 2016). Apple always seem to be the company that left behind while many other famous companies’ research teams were exploring new field in artificial intelligence such as Google, Microsoft Facebook, IBM and so on (Gershgorn, 2017). They did not open up to the integration of AI into the company’s software and they did not have any developer tools to be used for others to bring the technology to its

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