Artificial Intelligence

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Computers and information technology seem to be bringing about a magnitude of change comparable to that which took place during the Industrial Revolution, transforming our social, economic, and political institutions; our understanding of what it means to be human; and the distribution of power in the world. Some may argue that computer professionals have very little say in what technologies get designed and built. This seems to be mistaken on at least two counts. First, we can distinguish between computer professionals as individuals and computer professionals as a group. Even if individuals have little power in the jobs they hold, they can exert power collectively. Second, individuals can have an effect if they think of themselves as professionals and consider it their responsibility to anticipate the impact of their work. Computer professionals might argue that they create the technology but are not responsible for how it is used. This argument is, however, problematic for a number of reasons and perhaps foremost because it fails to recognize the potential for solving some of the problems of abuse in the design of the technology. Computer professionals are in the ideal position to think about the potential problems with computers and to design so as to avoid these problems.

The study of Intelligent Systems, often called “artificial intelligence” (AI), uses computation as a medium for simulating human perception, cognition, reasoning, learning, and action. In the case of artificial intelligence, the first thing that usually comes to mind is that AIs are convenient for mankind. It makes life much easier having the artificial intelligent systems to do people's works. Having artificial intelligence around not only cuts the tasks i...

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...ter minds pose great potential benefits as well as risks.

Computer technology will, no doubt, continue to evolve and will continue to affect the character of the world we live in. Computer scientists and engineers will play an important role in shaping the technology. The technologies we use shape how we live and who we are. They make every difference in the moral environment in which we live. Hence, it seems of utmost importance that computer scientists and engineers understand just how their work affects humans and human values.


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