Articles Of Confederation Compromises

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The foundation of this nation has been based upon freedoms while maintaining order and equality, a task not so easily achieved. When attempting to achieve such a feat there were many compromises and struggles. The U.S. Constitution was made as a guide for the government to follow, since the original guide, the Articles of Confederation, gave little power to the federal government (and was becoming weak) disregarding the foundation of a proper functioning government giving more equality and less order. Since the Articles of Confederation became a non-efficient way to govern the nation, the delegates thought an efficient way to govern the nation would be to create what we call the constitution, which became a reality with several compromises. These compromises…show more content…
Constitution. The Great Compromise and the Bill of Rights are some of the various examples of conflicts that arose and what compromises were made to come to a mutual agreement in the production of the U.S. Constitution. The Great Compromise, also known as the Connecticut Compromise, was proposed in 1787 and it was a plan that would split the Congress into 2 chambers, which is known as the House of Representatives and the Senate today. These 2 chambers of the Congress have different purposes that help govern the nation. In the Senate, the Senators are appointed by the state upon voting, and each senator has a 6 year term in the office. The Senate being the upper house of the Congress votes on laws and whether or not they should be established. The Senators must be at least 30 years of age and they must have at least 9 years of being a citizen of the United States. The Senators
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