Article Summary: A Critical Analysis Of Sherman's Fair Trade

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Although both author presented serious problems regarding Fair Trade, personally speaking, Sherman's argument is more compelling.

As the "background paragraph" pointed out, Fair Trade aims to "help small farmers around the world obtain a place in global market and help workers earn a fair wage". In Sherman's article, he talked about several issues related to Fair Trade labeling. Each of these issue demonstrates that people have lead Fair Trade astray from its original principle.

Sherman started by presenting the controversy over Fair Trade USA(FTUSA),a Fair Trade organization which left its parent body Fair Trade International and decided to bring large plantations into Fair Trade. As both passage pointed out, in Fair Trade, small producers are less competitive than large plantations.
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Customers want to purchase Fair Trade Labeled products because they want to help the poor. Bringing plantation into Fair Trade is like opening a back door for large companies while claiming small farmers get the profit.

Unfortunately, putting small farmers at a disadvantage is not the only problem confronting Fair Trade and customers. Sherman noted some companies, like Just Coffee, are even trying to create their own Fair Trade platform. Although this is not necessarily a bad thing, it's hard to stop wondering whether these companies, without world acknowledged organizations' regulation, are devoted in fair trade with good purpose. In a plethora of organizations, labels and certifications, customers are easily manipulated. Fair Trade obviously turned into an unjust movement.

Similarly, Sylla also believed Fair Trade is actually unfair. She pointed out that Latin America gains an unfair advantage against the poorest countries and provided several persuasive reasons. All of her points are undeniably true. That said, these points does not render Fair Trade an absolutely unjust

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